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Leading skydiving website providing the largest and most comprehensive collection of skydive information on the net.
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Don Murphy Online - Drummer, Performer, Artist
This is the online presence of Don Murphy, arguably the best, and definitely the most dedicated unsigned drummer in the U.S.!
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Home - Skydive Ogden

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Skydive Rotterdam

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POPS - Parachutists Over Phorty Society
POPS - The Parachutists Over Phorty Society is a club for skydivers over the age of forty. The first POPS was founded in 1966 in the USA and has spread to many countries around the world. POPS clubs hold regular meets in their own countries, and every two years hold a World meet. World meets have taken place in Australia, USA, Spain, Jordan, Canada…
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Skydiving - Tandem Jumps - Coaching - Training | Skydive Arizona
Skydive Arizona is one of the largest skydiving facilities for students to world class team training with the largest aircraft fleet, great facilities & staff.
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Skoki spadochronowe i tandemowe Warszawa, szkolenia i kursy aff Gdańsk, Poznań, Toruń, Łódź, Bydgoszcz - to największa szkoła spadochronowa w Polsce. Zapraszamy na bezpieczne skoki spadochronowe i tandemowe z instruktorem oraz szkolenia i kursy aff
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goTOskydive Tandem Fallschirmspringen in Süddeutschland Bayern Ulm
Tandemspringen Fallschirmspringen Skydive oder Show Eventspringen in Süddeutschland Raum Ulm Bayern.
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