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Do you want to talk to a live person - skip automated attendants? Let's help you get there. Search or review the lists of commands needed
Sick of endless wait on the phone? Skip automated attendants what to say, press for a human- 800 and 888 listings
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The Talos Project: Cyberpunk Web Comic
The Talos Project - Webcomic is a science-fiction cyberpunk story set in the near future. Produced with high quality visuals and a story to match.
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Oinc Wireless

Tags: Wireless, Bill, Click, Say, Invoice, Refer, ... - the UK fan site.
Leonard Cohen fan site based in the UK. Articles, news, and information about Leonard.
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Bob McCarty
Bob McCarty is the author of one crime-fiction novel, The National Bet (Nov 2014), as well as two nonfiction books, The Clapper Memo (May 2013) and Three Days In August (October 2011). All are available for order at He is also the author of a screenplay, Apply Online (March 2015).
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AnimalSense |

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