List Of Connecting Websites

CrisisCommons – Connecting people, tools & resources to support crisis response
CrisisCommons seeks to advance and support the use of open data and volunteer technology communities to catalyze innovation in crisis management and global development. CrisisCommons is a global community of volunteers from technology, crisis response organizations, government agencies, and citizens that are working together to build and use technology tools to help respond to disasters…
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Intelity's Guest Service Platform is the All-Inclusive Hotel Solution
With our guest service platform connecting hotel staff to guests, we encompass everything you would need to create the best guest service available.
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Arizona Match | Connecting 1000's of Men, Women, Couples, Swingers, Bisexuals, and Gays throughout Arizona Since 1996!

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Connecting People – Login as you want

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Every Body Friends – Connecting People Together World Wide

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Digital Nomad Community - Connecting Digital Nomads around the World
BuddyPress, Membership & Community WordPress Theme
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SBTV – Connecting Worlds

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Toy Rentals – Connecting Toy owners with Toy renters

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Janji — Exploring, Connecting & Giving Back Through Running
Inspired by the places we run and the people we meet. Janji gear is built to #RunEverywhere and each line funds clean water projects around the globe.
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Youths Hub – Connecting the Youths of the World

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