Frequently Asked Question(s)

How does Cubestat work?
Cubestat's algorithm is based on numerous free internet sources including age, indexed pages, backlinks, ranks and popularity.
After accumulation of the info there is a calculation for each one of the requested domains.
The website worth, daily pageviews and daily ads revenue are estimated from this anddisplay for the requested URL.

Are the Cubestat estimations allways accurate?
No, estimation is a simplified interpretation of appraisal, therefore Cubestat visitors should take that as limited .ltd.
For a real estimation or appraisal we recommend to consult one or (preferably) more experts.

What are these Daily Pageviews and Daily Ads Revenue numbers?
Pageviews stand for the number of Pageviews for all visitors, do not confuse this with unique visits (1 visitor can view 3 pages, that count as 3 pageviews). Daily Ads Revenue is the amount of money that we estimate that a certain website can earn if advertisement ads will be shown on all pages.

Are the other stats besides the estimations are real?
Yes, those are basic info which is accessible to the public and every single stat is real and from credible sources.

So, any more info I should know?
Yes, as mention above - this is an appraisals, not an exact science. We do try to make the guesswork estimations as close as we can to give you another point of view and ideas, but you should take our information as a supplement, consult with the experts!

How long should I wait to see new stats? Is there any update?
Every domain get estimations & stat update at least every 2 weeks.

How do I remove my website from Cubestat?
1. To remove your website from cubestat listing, set the following code inside robots.txt in the server root:
User-agent: cubestat
Disallow: /
2. Now enter your website URL in the form below and click Remove URL
URL to remove:

What if my question is not listed?
Please contact us, we will be happy to answer your question.